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Dataverse: Unlock the Potential of your SAP Data in Motion
Co-hosted by Confluent
The increasing number of digital applications (P2P, B2B, M2M) and the need for immediate information have transformed the business environment and the supply chain. Learn how to reduce risk and time in the adoption of a central nervous system in your organization.

From this webinar, you'll:‚Äč
  • Understand how a modern data fabric architecture helps shape a data-driven enterprise. 

  • Uncover why Confluent is the best in breed for streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications. 

  • Discover how to seamlessly integrate SAP ERP and Confluent Cloud, creating schema registries and topics on the fly. 

  • Explore SAP to Confluent integration use cases to unlock real-time user experiences and insights. 

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Gustavo Estrada

Onibex CEO

Jeremy Hogan

Staff Solution Engineer at Confluent